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The story unfolds in a near future, in a country in ruins. Dangerous illegal virtual games of war spread. "Avalon" is one of these games, in which youths abandon themselves. Some even earn their living from it. The Players, under constant bombardment...

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Tags: virtual reality


Even for Pixar, this might be a first: an animated film that contains not only a fully realized world as photorealistic as it is teeming with wonder, but also the Gargantuan themes and visuals of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, the kind of stripped-down sad-c...

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Dark City

Alex Proyas, (The Crow) directs this futuristic thriller about a man waking up to find he is wanted for brutal murders he doesn't remember. Haunted by mysterious beings who stop time and alter reality, he seeks to unravel the riddle of his identity.

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The Road Warrior (Max Max 2)

The first sequel to MAD MAX takes place after nuclear war has destroyed Australia. In this installment, Max lends his aid and protection to a small band of survivors who are losing their struggle to protect an oil refinery under siege by a band of sa...

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Tags: post apocalyptic

Ghost in the Shell

Another visually sensational animated film from the producers of the acclaimed "Akira." Major Motoko Kusanagi is a beautiful cyborg who works for Section 29, Japan's secret police force, in the year 2029. Motoko's supervisor, Aramaki, orders her to f...

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Tags: cyberpunk

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