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The Chrysalids

The Chyrsalids is set in the future after a devastating global nuclear war. David, the young hero of the novel, lives in a tight-knit community of religious and genetic fundamentalists, always on the alert for any deviation from the norm of God's cre...

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The Trial

Written in 1914, The Trial is one of the most important novels of the twentieth century: the terrifying tale of Josef K., a respectable bank officer who is suddenly and inexplicably arrested and must defend himself against a charge about which he can...

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The Children of Men (Book)

The year is 2021, and the human race is - quite literally - coming to an end. Since 1995 no babies have been born, because in that year all males unexpectedly became infertile. Great Britain is ruled by a dictator, and the population is inexorably gr...

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The Time Machine

The Time Traveller has ridden his machine hundreds of years into the future. Buildings, cities, and civilizations rise and fall before his eyes. He is welcomed to 802701 by the frail and simple Eloi.The future seems safe--until the Time Traveller enc...

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The Running Man (Book)

From the world's bestselling novelist, Stephen King, comes a gritty tale of a futuristic game of life-or-death!

In 2025, the world is sliding towards ruin. Darkness and paranoia rule the day as economies collapse and violence escalates. In this ma...

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